Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens when I complete the Auto Finance Form?

Once you complete the simple Auto Finance Form, your information is sent to one of our Creative Finance Professionals that will look it over and give you a call. We will work for you negotiating the best possible interest rate from over 75 banks. You interest rate and the bank we use will depend on your credit criteria. Rest Assured though, our Creative Finance team has over 70 years of experience helping people that have experienced credit problems and will walk you through the process in a friendly, up front and hassle free environment.

Who can I call to get more information on my credit request?

We are open from 9am to 9pm. We will call you when we get your information but if you would like to talk to someone or even fill out an application over the phone, we can do that as well. Reach us directly at 320-281-2288. We would be glad to answer any questions with you directly. You would be talking directly to Barry or Mike, the guys that will personally handle your approval. No machines, no operator, the actual people working for you to get you approved!

Can I refinance the loan on my existing vehicle?

We have done this before for our customers. It is something we don't like to do unless you can show us on time payments before we pull your credit again. We are in the business to get you driving and help you increase your credit score. We wouldn't want to pull your credit if you haven't made on time payments with your lender. Give us a call. We can talk about!

What is the interest rate on my car loan?

Interest rates vary depending on a number of factors including the amount financed, your credit report information, and the type of vehicle you are looking for. Upon completion of your Auto loan Application, we will go through exactly what to expect for interest rate charges. Remember, we negotiate the best rate for you by putting 75 different banks together to compete for your business. Our relationship with these banks help your overall approval odds.

What type of vehicle can I purchase?

When you get approved, banks look at the vehicle you want just as much as the credit score. We will work to find you the right vehicle that makes sense for you. We like to work with the credit approval first so we know what you are able to get before promising you something that wont work. We will get you driving in something reliable and something that fits YOUR needs!

How fast can I get my vehicle?

In most cases, the same day! Some banks may require additional information or documentation like proof of income, car insurance, or other stipulations but as long as you can provide those to us in a quick manner, we can get you driving within 24 hours!

What if I have a low or NO credit score?

That's what we do! We work with you to get you headed in the right direction. Sometimes it may feel like you are stuck and cant get your score to improve. Auto loans are the best thing to increase your credit with on time payments! We focus on your FUTURE, not your PAST!

What if I have experienced bankruptcy?

We have banks that work with these situations all the time. It is not uncommon at all. We deal with people in this situation all the time. We won't judge, and we wont over promise anything. We are here to be up front with you and to help you get a vehicle. Give us a call to talk about it!

Is the information I provide to Central MN Auto Loans secure?

100% it is. We do NOT sell your info! It will only be used with Central MN Auto Loans and our Banking partners. None of our banking partners will sell your info either. We use a secure website form and your information stays with us! WE GUARANTEE IT!

  1. We FOCUS on your future, not your past!
  2. We have ALL MAKES and models available to pick from!
  3. We can even get you in a NEW vehicle!
  4. You will get the best possible interest rate available!
  5. There is no obligation to buy and this is a FREE application with no hidden fees

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